eStyling for Travel


eStyling for Travel


Do you need some last minute advice on how to pack in style?

Keeping your luggage to a minimum and ensuring you have a variety of outfits to cater for all of your potential activities can be challenging. And, frankly, stressful. 

In this package Avril will send you some printable steps to help you start your packing and suit your destination. Followed by a video call, Avril with recommend how you can reuse the same items to create a variety of outfits and ensure you get through your holiday comfortably and in style. Truly let yourself unwind and have your luggage pre-styled. This package includes:

  • Customised printable packing tips
  • An analysis of your packed items of clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Styling of outfits using your exisiting items specific for your holiday
  • Creating a wishlist of items (if necessary) within your budget to complete your style

    •    up to 2 hours of one-on-one consultation with Avril

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